Renewable energy engineering company specialized in solar PV projects.

Solar Projects Development
The key to success in any solar projects, lies in the combination of factors, such as location, design, simulations, engineering and mitigation of any risk.
Our experienced Engineering team is synonym to success. When it comes to finding out the best solution for each project, there is no parallel in the energy sector.
Consulting - Advisory
During the acquisition or also during development process of any potential project, CONCOM can assist, advise and review to avoid taking any unnecessary risks, saving time and cost for our clients.
Proper and effective Operation and Maintenance safeguards your asset during the entire lifespan. CONCOM offers a variety of services to improve and manage your asset already on grid.

Qualified professionals with huge international experience

Solar Projects Development

Our expertise in civil, electrical, mechanical and financial engineering allows us to implement the best solutions and therefore develop the best solar projects from scratch.

Our services include feasibility studies, risk mitigation, array design, tech comparisons, foundation design, structural analysis, geotechnical management and environmental permitting.

We manage and follow each project at any stage with our clients, and until RTB.


The key to any successful solar projects lies in the best engineering and design.
We have a proficient team in each field. and we always take care of any detail so as to achieve our client’s goals.

With site surveys, geotechnical and topographic reports, civil drawings, mechanical calculations, and electrical engineering services always using the best and state-of-the-art software and simulators, we endeavour to find and provide the perfect solutions to our demanding clients.

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